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Marriage Encounter Experience Workshops:Scholarships Available!

Do you and your spouse desire to take a fresh look at your marriage and have a rekindle, renew and restore experience with that person you vowed to love and cherish until death do you part?

If so, Elkton Presbyterian Church in Elkton, Maryland, is offering a workshop series, beginning on Wednesday, September 19 at 6:30 p.m. to those couples who have good marriages, but who desire for their relationship to become closer and stronger. The classes will last about two hours each (there is one class that is three hours). The cost is $75 per couple for the entire seven-class series and scholarships are available. The classes are taught by both video and live facilitation and there is space designated at the church for each couple to have privacy to communicate freely. It is highly recommended that couples desiring to participate should be committed to completing the entire seven-class program.

Bill and Carolyn McQuiston, a retired guidance counselor and social worker respectively, are the leaders for the Marriage Encounter Experience. Married 48 years in August 2018, after attending their first Marriage Encounter Experience 36 years ago, they brought Marriage Encounter to other couples in the United States, Canada and Kenya, while deepening their own relationship. Their journey into the Experience began with a casual conversation with a neighbor Sonny, in Forest Hill in the early 1980s. Sonny, normally a low-keyed person, came home from his and his wife going on their own Experience, and spoke with such enthusiasm and excitement on how the Experience changed and deepened their own marriage, the McQuistons realized that something very special had happened to the couple and “we wanted in on it!”

The Marriage Encounter Experience is based on the Catholic Church’s Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekends, but the organization has allowed Protestant churches such as the United Methodist and Presbyterian churches to “protestantize” it. There is a strong faith component of the Marriage Encounter Experience, whose topics center around improved and deepened communication skills between the couple, better understanding of one’s self, listening skills, and relating feelings.

“God’s plan for the marriage is for a couple to have a very close and intimate relationship, and then go out into to the world and emphasis that closeness with God and with each other, “Mrs. McQuiston said. “It is not a preachy kind of thing – but God has a plan for each marriage to draw the couple closer to God and to each other.”

“Conversely, the world’s plan for marriage is very different – the world’s expectations tend to pull people apart, each person does his or her own thing, or they become so involved with the children, that they forget about the marriage, and the couple grows apart.,” she said.

The McQuistons have been local, regional and national leaders in the Marriage Encounter Experience for the last 34 years, have been trained extensively by other couples and have trained other marriage partners to lead these workshops. They say that the Marriage Encounter Experience is an excellent program for those traditionally married, couples approaching the empty-nest years, but also for those couples who are newly married and have very young children or who have yet to start a family. “The focus is for the couple to put the marriage first, which is very counter to today’s culture,” Mr. McQuiston said.

To inquire about the program or scholarship availability, interested couples should call the church office at (410) 398-4636, or e-mail the church secretary at Elkton Presbyterian church’s website is Childcare will be provided.

Becoming a Contagious Christian

Have you ever struggled to share your faith with a friend, neighbor, or family member? Have you ever felt at a loss for words in such a situation? As all of you know, EPC’s church mission is to Bring People to Jesus, and Send
People to serve for Jesus. This is the example Jesus gave us during His earthly life. It is what we are commanded to do! Matt. 28:18-20 Great Commission. This study is for you, as the author writes, “is designed to help everyday Christians-like you and me-to confidently and effectively spread the faith to people they know...Through a variety of formats including video vignettes, group discussions, role playing, and teaching segments, you will learn how to
communicate the message of Christ in your own personal, God given style.” We are blessed to have the Rev. Dr. Scott Burkley lead the study. Scott has a heart for and a wealth of experience in evangelism. He is also the last
pastor to have successfully planted a church in New Castle Presbytery. The study will be held on Sunday evenings at 6:30pm beginning Sept.16th and lasting for six weeks.

Engaging/Re-engaging the Bible

Are you looking for a Bible study designed for someone who is just getting back into the Bible or has never had the chance to spend much time in it before? Are you looking for a Bible study that isn’t over your head and where doubts are welcome? If you can answer yes to either one or both of these questions then this Bible Study is for you. Starting September 16th between worship services Pastor John will lead a six week study of the first Book of the Bible:
Genesis. The study will begin with an overview of the book and its themes and then zoom in to explore the passages that are of the most interest to the participants. The aim of the study is to make reading the Bible fun and informative. Sign up in the Narthex and give it a try.

We welcome you and your families and hope that you will come visit us!  

The mission of Elkton Presbyterian Church is to be “a church family that reaches out and shares the good news of God’s word with friends and neighbors by providing a place for worship, fellowship, support, education and discipleship so that all may know God’s love through the life and death of His Son, Jesus Christ.”

We are a mid-sized congregation in the heart of downtown Elkton, MD with active ministries for all ages.  

In all we do, we seek to honor the Lord Jesus Christ by the power of The Holy Spirit

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