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Elkton Presbyterian Church

Elkton Presbyterian Church
209 E Main Street, Elkton, MD 21921 Facilities Use Policy and Guidelines

Having been blessed with an excellent facility, the congregation wants to serve the community by providing space for activities under the following policies and guidelines.

Responsibility of the Trustees:

The Trustees have the responsibility to administer guidelines, receive and approve requests and set fees.

Recognized Groups and Individuals:

Church members, non-members, civic, social, or non-profit organizations may use the building as well as religious groups with other church affiliations. Priority will be given to Elkton Presbyterian Church members in accordance with policies and fee schedule.

Procedures for use:

  •   Groups requesting to use the building should request an application from the Church Secretary, who, in turn, will submit the application to the Board of Trustees’ representative who oversees rental of the Church.

  •   The Trustee will check the availability of the building as well as the eligibility of the group requesting rental.

  •   The Trustees or church office will notify the group’s contact person whether or not the building is available and then review the policies, procedures and fee, where appropriate.

  •   Our janitor will open and close the facility for an additional required fee of $20.00.


  •   There will be no alcoholic beverages, smoking or illegal drugs on the premises.

  •   Candles may not be used unless they are in hurricane globes (weddings excluded).

  •   Loud noise is not permitted. Disorderly behavior is unacceptable. Such behavior often leads to injury

    or destruction of property. No activities inconsistent with Christian principles or a religious setting are


  •   Do not alter the sound system in the sanctuary or change the settings of the organ (use of the organ

    must be pre-approved by our Worship Committee and organist).

  •   Please do not tape (tack or pin) things to the walls of the church.

  •   The person(s) who signs the contract is responsible at all times for supervision of the group.

  •   Groups renting the building are responsible for their own set-up, clean-up and bringing their own

    supplies. If assistance is needed, the group has the option of having the church custodian perform set-up and clean-up for an additional fee. The building is to be left in the same condition as when the group came in.

  •   The user will be held responsible, and will reimburse Elkton Presbyterian Church, for any loss or damage to the church property caused directly or indirectly by the user, their members or guests.

  •   Furniture must be returned to the arrangement it was found.

  •   Users shall confine themselves to the assigned area(s).

  •   Children and youth must be supervised and not allowed to roam in the building.

  •   Empty all trash and deposit it in the trash cans in the parking lot next to the building.

  •   Please call the Church Office at 410-398-4636 to notify the Trustee if there are any changes or

    cancellations in the schedule at least 48 hours in advance.

  •   Sound system and television in Fellowship Hall are not available for use to outside groups.

  •   Elkton Presbyterian Church is not responsible for loss of or damage to the personal property of the

    user and guests.

  •   A Facility Use contract must be signed prior to an event indicating acceptance of these policies.

  •   EPC requests proof of insurance covering user prior to approval of any event. If proof of insurance is

    not available, request must be approved by the Board of Trustees.

Clean –Up Check List:

* Pick up any trash in Sanctuary and Narthex

Fellowship Hall and Kitchen Use

* Sweep and mop as needed
* Bag and take out trash in kitchen and bathroom
* Clean counters, tables and sinks
* Cleaning supplies will be supplied in custodial closet

Fees for Non-Members:

  •   The standard fee schedule is below. The fees are intended to defray EPC’s cost. Fees for use of the facility shall be paid prior to the event.

  •   Make checks payable for building use to Elkton Presbyterian Church. Checks can be mailed to: EPC

  • 209 East Main Street Elkton, MD 21921 attn: Secretary

  •  Checks for weddings and funerals should be made out to the individual staff members performing the ceremonies.


Sanctuary $300

Staff Member

Pastor $125 
Organist $100 Ms. Janice Nieves
Wedding Coordinator $75 Mrs. Elizabeth Renwick
Secretary $50
Custodian $50 Mr. George Jones
Bridal Aisle Runner $25

All Other Rentals

Fellowship Hall $100

Kitchen $100 (using stove and equipment)
Sanctuary $100
Chapel $100
Classroom $50
Upper Room $70
Choir Room $50
$20 custodial fee for set-up and clean-up per room will be added to standard fee and paid to EPC. $

20 custodial fee for opening and closing the facility is required.

#Fees based on 6 hours maximum use. Each additional hour - $10.00

Revised: September 2017

    Elkton Presbyterian Church
    209 E. Main Street | Elkton, MD 21921 | PH: 410-398-4636